An Overview Of Being A Six Figure Mentors Basic Member

six figure mentors basic member

Upgrade To A Basic Member Of The SFM

So once you have completed Module 1 of the SFM training program you have the opportunity to upgrade from being a Six Figure Mentors Student to become a Six Figure Mentors Basic Member.

As a Six Figure Mentors Basic Member you will get access to the SFM digital marketing business system.

Here you have access to the remaining training modules and you start off by creating your own digital lifestyle blueprint to enable you to create your digital life.

Then you will go through the full system setup and have access to tools, resources and software which all work in unison to enable your business system to work effortlessly.

You will have access to multiple training courses covering all aspects of digital marketing to start generating leads and turn them into paying customers.

Also you will have designated business coaches to work closely with and who will give you a helping hand when you need it.

With a click of your mouse you will have a professional website which you can use to blog to give tips and advice to your readers which instantly positions you as an expert in your industry.

By being a Six Figure Mentors Basic member you have a turn-key digital marketing business which gives you the potential to earn a full time income while working online.

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