The Digital Experts Academy Silver Membership

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DEA Silver Membership

The Digital Experts Academy Silver mentoring program takes the normal person and turns them into marketing consultants to enable them to go from regular employment into self-employment.

Digital Experts Academy Silver membership will give you the opportunity to own your own business. You will be the boss and you can build your business from the ground up with firm foundations in place.

You will learn communication and service skills as well as the all important sales and marketing strategies to evolve yourself into becoming a true leader.

Have access to the most cutting edge tools and strategies to to able to provide solutions to other businesses while at the same time work full time and generate a very nice income.

There are three core elements with the DEA Silver membership and there are individual courses in the following aspects.

  • Communication & Service
  • Sales & Marketing Fundementals
  • Leadership Fundementals

So you can see the Digital Experts Academy Silver program takes you by the hand and turns you into full time marketing consultants so that you can take control of your life and income.

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