The Digital Experts Academy Platinum Membership

dea platinum

DEA Platinum Membership

The next step in the DEA is the Digital Experts Academy Platinum program where you progress from being a professional digital marketer and become a digital expert.

Through the DEA Platinum mentoring program the students get the benefits of creating a professional online brand identity.

This happens through what the DEA calls a personal brand incubator program. The Digital Experts Academy Platinum incubator process will burst your business into life.

You will identify your true passion and purpose in life by defining clear mission statements.

You will also develop a professional online image with a slick website and your social media profiles which compliment each other.

Also you will get the opportunity to attend workshops and webinars as well as getting continued mentoring which all comes together to take your business to the next level.

So build your online presence and professional brand with the DEA Platinum mentoring program.

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