The Digital Experts Academy Gold Membership

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DEA Gold Membership

The Digital Experts Academy Gold mentoring program goes one step further and takes you from being a full time self-employed marketing consultant and develops the potential that you have to earn a full time income as a professional digital marketer.

DEA Gold membership is designed to enable students to become financially independant and the program delivers weekly personal mentoring from some of the top mentors within the company.

You will also get the chance to attend the annual convention and network with other DEA Gold members.

The inaugural convention was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  in 2015 and was a huge success for the founders and the attendees.

Digital Experts Academy Gold Features

  • Unlimited (12 Months) 30 minute personal mentoring sessions.
  • 6 Week live coaching course covering all aspects of online marketing.
  • DEA Gold digital marketing workshop.

So upgrade to the Digital Experts Academy Gold mentoring program and become a professional online digital marketer and you can read my full review by clicking the button below.

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